GHS Cross Country Program Information
Welcome to GHS Cross Country
Here is all of the information you will need to start.
Cross Country is a distance running sport. Athletes come with different running backgrounds, so workouts are built so that athletes gradualy increase their workload.
While the idea of distance running is scary to most athletes who have never done it, one must come into the sport with an open mind and patience. This is why we have NO TRYOUTS!! Just a simple mile test to see what your ability is.
Since Cross Country is a Fall Sport, we beging our training in the summer. Athletes are expected to make all workouts (not counting family matters) as per the schedule listed on this website. (which will be posted in May) An athlete's schedule will be adjusted to reflect the sport, which does count as the athlete's PE class. Workouts will continue through the beginning of November. After that, athletes can transfer to another sport, beging training for track, or wait until the end of the semester and not do another sport for the year.
A schedule of meets will be posted as soon as all dates can be verified.
Before an athlete can participate, they must complete the online Athletic Paperowork. A link to the online site is on the CC Homepage of this website. Please have it completed by the first day you come out for workout. A physical by a doctor is required. I recommend doing it sometime in May. All paperwork is good for one full year before it must be redone. Bring your physical to Coach Bailey and he will upload it for you.
Equipment is fairly simple. For workouts, just a good pair of running shoes is the only real expense. Running clothes can be anything from old PE clothes to a tee shirt and shorts. Girls may want to invest in a sports bra. The official meet uniform will be provided to the athlete.

The full workout schedule, including days and times, will be posted on this website.
Once school starts, this will become your 6th period class (and count for PE). Once again, workouts will be posted.
I look foward to meeting you and helping you beging your cross country experience.
Coach Bailey
Head Cross Country Coach
Glendale High School