Cool Breeze Course
The course is a loop around the golf course that you do twice.  The two hands on the map show you the directions.
You will have an electronic chip that has your competative number in it.  You must tie this on your shoe before you race.  You will also be given a number to pin onto your uniform.  Pin it around your stomach area with 4 pins.
The start is basically flat.  You want to get a spot on the line that is right of center as you face the direction you will be going.  If you are in the center, you risk everyone moving toward the middle and you will be squeezed.  If you are on the left, you will get squeezed as you enter the first turn, which is a left hand turn.
The course does have a slight uphill grade as you go out toward the far side of the course.  All that means is that it is slightly downhill coming back!
Mile markers maybe hard to see, so I might recommend the following:  On the first loop around, apply the first mile stragtegy.  After you finish the first loop, begin the second mile strategy for the rest of the race.
Begin your final push when you are returning the second time and see the food trucks on the left side of the course.  Remember, it needs to be a gradual speed up.  DO NOT START SPRINTING!
There is a U-turn before you reach the finish line.  Treat it like a baseball player going from first to third.  Round the corner.
Finally do not slow down until you are at least 2 steps past the last chip detector. (These look like rugs on the ground)
Awards to the top 30 finishers in each race.
Invitational Website (scroll down to bottom of page for parking and spectator information)