CV Park Course
This may be the second most challenging course we race on.
For the league meet, you will be chipped and numbered.  In the invitational and league finals, you will only be numbered.
When we practice at CV Park, there is a simpler map you may want to take a picture of. 
The course has 3 major climbs.  But that means it has 3 major drops.
The starting line is at the left pointing hand.  It is flat, but has a steep short climb as you move into the middle part of the park.  You follow the outline of the middle park and cross the street to the bridge.  This puts you in the upper part of the park and your first climb.  Turn right from the bridge and follow the trail as you outline the upper part of the park.  Be careful through the dark trail since there are many roots.  As you leave the dark trail, you go downhill back over the bridge and go straight.  You will pass a bathroom.  Follow the marking until you pass over another bridge.  You how have finished mile 1
Upper Park
Middle Park
Lower Park
Back Trail

As you pass over the bridge, you continue down to the bottom of the park.  Pay carefull attention to the course as you pass the play ground area.  At the bottom of the course you round a tree and begin the back trail. This is the second climb.   How you go up the trail will be a big factor on your success in the overall race.  It is not overly steep, but it seems long and never ending.  This is where you can take advantage of runners who slow down too much and pass many people.  You must keep you pace up.  The real secret is being prepared when you finish the back trail and enter the upper part of the park again.  The course turns left and heads back to the dark trail.  This is still uphill, so stay focused as you leave the back trail.  Too many relax when they finish the back trail and then get disheartened when they see the uphill continues.  You go back through the dark trail, and pass inbetween 2 mile rock.  This is the end of mile 2.
You now have a long, straight downhill run as you go from the two mile rock and down the back trail all the way to the bottom of the park.  Use this to your advantage.  The final climb begins as you leave the back trail and start up the sidewalk on the Lower Park.  The uphill retraces the path you took to get there all the way up to the 1 mile bridge.  It starts steep along the sidewalk and becomes less steep as you approach the bridge.  Once again, there is a little more uphill as you pass the bridge and take a short clockwise loop in the middle park section to the last bridge.  Once passed the last bridge, it is a downhill to the finish line, where the right pointing hand is on the map.  Stay in the middle of the running lane, as there are roots near the edge of the course as you make the final turn to the finish.
There is a small fenced in baseball diamond near the course.  When you pass it on the last uphill, that is when you begin your final push.  The goal is to pass as many as you can before you cross over 1 mile bridge.  It is not only a challenge of body, but also a challenge of the mind to push yourself.
League Meet Schedule

Girls JV
Boys JV
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Girls Varsity
Boys Varsity

First race time is given on the schedule. Races go off every half hour.
Staub/Barnes Invitational information will be posted later.