Woodbridge Course
There is only one word to describe the woodbridge course:  FLAT.
The complex is a bunch of soccer fields.  While it might not be the most interesting course, it will still be a challenge.
Once again, you will be chipped and numbered.
As shown in the map, you do the yellow loop twice before you follow the blue path.  They will have digital clocks at each mile marker so that you can see how you are doing.
The most difficult part is not starting off too fast.  It is flat, and you will feel fresh and want to go out harder than you should.  You will pay the price as you pass the first mile marker and find yourself in oxygen debt for the next mile.  FOLLOW THE PLAN! 
I recommend that at the start of mile 2 and mile 3, you treat it as the start, just not as extreme.  Speed up for a count of 5-7 seconds and then settle back down to racing speed.  Since there are no hills or other course factors to focus on, it is easy to lose focus and slow down with out you really noticing.  These little speed ups will help you say on course.
I recommend starting you finish build-up when you are at the happy face on the map.  Last year, the finish was about where the hand is, not the end of the blue line.  We will check it out when we get to the park.
At the finish, once again do not stop running until you cross the two detectors at the finish line.
There are medals for the top 90 this time.  You will get them about a 15-30 minutes after your race is over.
Race Schedule Link (We are in the Red Division)
Spectator Information link
Invitational Website