Arcadia Course
The Arcadia course is basically 3 loops.  Each loop is about the same.  The top and right side of the picture is sidewalk, wile the rest is grass and dirt.  The course is flat for the most part.  The park does have a slight slope, from the bottom of the picture to the top.
Staying focused is the key to doing well here.  Since the loop just repeats itself, it is easy to zone out and being to run below your racing speed.  You need to find a location where you "restart" your pacing .  I recommend at the 1 and 2 mile marks at least.
The lower loop around the baseball field has the most hazzards (holes, roots, etc), so when you walk the course take notice of them.
Start thinking about your finishing kick as you begin to go around the baseball field for the last time.  As you leave the baseball loop, that is when you begin your final push to the finish line.