Track and Field Program Sign-up Information
Track and Field is an rewarding program as it has many different types of events for athletes to choose from.  We do our best to try to match events to the abilities of the athletes.  This gives them the best chance for success.
Since track is a spring sport, the logsitcs are different for each person depending on what they do for the first part of the school year.  Let us first look at how to sign up. 
Incoming 9th graders, Clark students:  Sign-ups and Time Trial:  June 18  - 20  4:00 to 5:00pm at GHS. 
The Time Trial is where the potential track athlete will show the coach what they can do.  They will be looked at for sprinting ability, jumping ability, hurdling ability, and possibly throwing ability. 
Athletes who are accepted into the track program may want to get a head start and be in our summer program (see summer track link on Track Homepage)
Once you are accpeted into the program, one of two things will happen at the beginning of school.
1.  You will be placed in the Track Conditioning Class 6th period for the fall.  This will be your PE class.  This will get your ready for Track in the spring.  Workouts last until about 3:30.
2.  If you are doing some other sport first, you will do that sport and then move to Track when your other sport's season is over.
In December, the coaching staff makes a final decision on who will continue into the spring track season.  Athletes who are doing poorly in their classes or do not show the desire to do what is needed to be successful run the risk of being removed from the program at the end of the fall semester.  DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!!