Clark Athlete Logistics
For Clark Athletes, here is extra information you need to know.
1.  Clark Paperwork:  All Clark students who do athletics needs to fill out and turn in the Clark Athletic paperwork to their counselor.  The link to the Clark paperwork is above.
2.  Attendance:  Since this is a regular class and the student is getting high school credit, they are bound by the same attendance rules as any other class.  Students will be marked absent if they do not show up.
              a)  Clear an absence:  To clear a sports absence, you must call GHS and clear it.  Clark attendance office
                   does not do it for you.  For instructions on how to clear an absence at GHS, go to this webpage:          
              b)  On GHS minimum days, Clark athletes will be notified of the workout time depending on which sport
                   they are participating in.
              c)  On Clark minimum days, athletes either need to find a way to get to workout or to get the absence
              d) If a clark athlete needs to leave the workout before the end of the regular GHS School day (which is
                  3:10), then I recommend that the student be absent and you call in to clear the absence. This is easier
                  than going through the GHS protocall to remove a student from campus during the school day.
              e)  If a clark athlete must stay at Clark for any reason, the teacher in charge needs to email Coach Bailey
                   to verify that they were at the school. 
3.  If we have an early bus that leaves before Clark lets out, then Clark athletes are responsible for alerting the Clark Attendance office that you need to leave school early for a GHS Athletic event.  The clark paperwork describes this procedure.  If you are not sure, call the Clark attendance office.
Click on me for Clark Paperwork