Welcome to Nitro Track & Field
Here is all of the information you will need to start.
Track and Field consists of multiple different events. Our goal is to match the talents of the students with the events that they seem best at. All levels of athletes are welcome, from the "I have been doing this for a while" athlete to the "I have never done this before" athlete, and everyone in between.

Since Track & Field is a Spring Sport, you have two options. Option 1 is that you train with the track team for the entire year, starting in August. Option 2 is that you train with the team once your other sports are finished. (Yes, you can do multiple sports in HS!) I do need to know if you plan on doing a second sport so that I do not bug the counselors on why you are not on the roll sheet yet.

At the moment, there is no guidance to how this will actually look due to the Covid19 situation. Adjustments will be made once we get more information.

An athlete's schedule will be adjusted to reflect the sport, which does count as the athlete's PE class. I will handle alerting the counselors of your desire to join our team. You just have to check to make sure it got onto your schedule. Athletes who are going to go to Clark will have one extra paper to fill out. It can be found on their website.

A schedule of meets will be posted as soon as all dates can be verified.
Before an athlete can participate, they must complete the online Athletic Paperowork. A link to the online site is on the CC Homepage of this website. I recommend completing it right after the last day of school this year. A physical by a doctor is required but at the moment that might be easier said than done until we get more guidance. All paperwork is good for one full year before it must be redone. A separate link will help guide you through that process.
Equipment is as follows: For most fall and winter workouts, workouts, a good pair of running shoes is needed. Before the season actually starts, the athlete will be made aware of what type of track shoe will be needed. Running clothes can be anything from old PE clothes to a tee shirt and shorts. Girls may want to invest in a sports bra. The official meet uniform will be provided to the athlete.

The full workout schedule, including days and times, will be posted on this website once things are known.
Once school starts, your sport will be come your 6th period class.
I look foward to meeting you and helping you beging your track and field experience.
Coach Bailey

Head Track and Field Coach
Glendale High School